If A Guy Ever Says He's 'Too Big To Wear A Condom' Show Him This

A woman has come up with the perfect response to any man who claims his penis is 'too big' to wear a condom - by stretching one over her entire arm.

Emily, an 18-year-old from Utah, posted the image to Twitter and it has since gone viral, with 15,000 retweets (and counting).

It appears she's not the only one who's fed-up with guys using the size of their manhood as a way of getting out of safe sex.

But for all of the supportive virtual high-fives, Emily has also received criticism from men.

Emily, who goes into schools to teach about contraceptive methods, wasn't about to back down and delivered sassy come backs to everyone who challenged her on the subject.

"Sweetie, I know a thing or two about condoms, back tf up," she told one user.

And to guys who still say they're too big... just get bigger condoms.

Her message is simple: "There's no excuse to not have safe sex and if a guy pressures you against your will for any reason, it's a red flag."

Well said.