'Conspiracy' Follows The Trail Of The Missing Calvine Photo, And Asks... Is This Proof That UFOs Do Exist? (VIDEO)

Conspiracy: The Strongest Proof Yet That UFOs Exist, And The Government Tried To Hide It?

Fans of Channel 5's 'Conspiracy' series have been enjoying picking over the plots of history ranging from the death of Hitler, to the disappearance of Lord Lucan, and the allegations of murder surrounding Bruce Lee and his son Brandon.

This week, the show shifts its attention to the Scottish Highlands and asks, what happened to a crucial picture taken by a pair of hikers, shared with journalists and later the Ministry of Defence.

Watch the clip above and decide... is this the biggest proof we have yet that UFOs actually exist?

What they saw, claims UFO expect Nick Pope who was originally with the Ministry, was a diamond-shaped aircraft that nobody at his office was able to identify, before the picture disappeared, the journalists claimed never to have heard the story and the hikers' names were lost.

A reconstruction of the photo taken by the hikers in the Scottish highlands

“I can only assume” continues Nick Pope, “intelligence specialists in the Ministry of Defence convinced the paper not to run this – maybe through use of a D Notice, but maybe through some other means, and for whatever reason the paper complied with this request and the story was dropped.”

The picture above has been put together by Channel 5 with the help of Nick Pope and is a replica of what was up on the wall behind his desk, before it was mysteriously removed.

Nick Pope would say that it was “the best UFO photo we ever received.” But what happened to it? And is there another explanation as to what the diamond in the sky over Calvine could have been?

'Conspiracy: Allen Cover Up' is on Channel 5 at Friday 17 July at 8pm. And here are ten other conspiray theories currently being discussed...


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