These Subreddits Will Make You Question Freedom Of Speech On The Internet

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman proposed a series of changes to the site’s content policy on Thursday, provoking mixed reactions from thousands of the site’s dedicated users.

The self-styled ‘front page of the Internet’ has been challenged in the past about the content it hosts on its pages – or subreddits.

Subreddits are dedicated to topics of all kinds, from the satirical to the serious and most things in between.

They are created, edited and moderated by thousands of volunteers.

But it is the content of some of the pages that some critics say should not be allowed on the site.

Twitter users reacted to the announcement that some subreddits would remain.

Others argued that freedom of speech must be maintained as a founding principle.

We’ve looked at a few of the most shocking subreddits, all of which claim to be satirical in nature, but nonetheless might make you question freedom of speech on the Internet.

Only a handful have been banned entirely, with the rest likely to require users to log-in if the proposed policy comes into effect.


Likely to be banned entirely under the new content policy.

This subreddit needs little explanation. Described as a ‘satire site’ for its thousands of readers and subscribers, its threads include graphic accounts of sexual violence.


Already banned under Reddit’s current policy.

This subreddit has already been banned. It provided space for users to provide tips to those contemplating taking their own lives.


Likely to be shielded from public view, requiring users to log-in.

Threads on this subreddit are dedicated to anti-women commentary, including opinions on marriage, relationships, and women’s rights.


Likely to be shielded from public view, requiring users to log-in.

One of the most popular NSFW subreddits hosting racist content which makes regular use of the n-word. It also hosts a campaign against so-called ‘social justice warriors’ who infiltrate its membership and attempt to police content.


Likely to be banned entirely, certainly shielded from public view.

While not as popular as other subreddits, the clear incitement to violence is likely to mean these types of threads will not be available to public view, and may well be banned entirely.

This small selection of subreddits is indicative of the hundreds of pages of NSFW content Reddit hosts, some of which are beyond shocking in their pursuit of controversial 'satire'.

The new content policy is currently being discussed on the site and will be fully implemented at a later date.