Women Describe Their Vaginas To A Portrait Artist, Then Attempt To Identify Them In A Sketch Line-Up

This Happened When A Group Of Women Described Their Vaginas To A Sketch Artist

We may spend hours analysing our hair, makeup and clothes in front of a mirror, but our vaginas rarely get a look in.

In the above video, a group of women attempt to identify their lady parts in a line-up of vaginas, with varying levels of accuracy.

First, the women stand behind a screen and take a long hard look at their vaginas using a mirror.

They describe what they see to professional portrait artist Caroline, who creates a sketch based on their description.

At this point a lot of the women opt for food comparisons...

"It's a bit like two string cheeses."

Caroline then pins all her sketches onto a board and the women take it in turns to try and pick out their own vagina.

Some ace the test straight away, while others get distracted by vagina envy.

"That one's pretty, it's not my though. Yeah...I like that one."

By the end of the "uncomfortable but enlightening" experience, one thing is clear...

Women definitely don't spend enough time looking at or talking about vaginas.

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