No (Adventurous) Sex Please, We're British: One In Ten Haven't Tried New Position For Six Years

British Sex Survey Reveals We're Not That Adventurous In The Bedroom

Summer's here bringing with it sunshine, evenings spent in your local beer garden and - surprisingly - not that much sex.

A new survey has revealed that the summer months are far from being steamy for couples, with just 13% of people saying they'll be more adventurous in bed.

The research, which was conducted by Durex, also lifted the lid on something of a sexual black hole among Brits - regardless of the season.

One fifth of people surveyed said their sex life hadn’t improved in the last year and a shocking one in 10 people (11%) said they haven’t tried anything new in the bedroom for over six years.

What's more, a pitiful 5% of people said they'd spend more time with their partner this summer.

But sex and relationships expert, Alix Fox, says regardless of whether you feel up to it or not, you should make the most of sex this summer.

"It’s easy for couples to fall into a predictable routine in their intimate lives: convenience, lack of time or just force of habit are the main culprits for taking the sizzle out of sex," she says.

"But since summer tends to raise people’s spirits and energy levels, it’s the ideal season to try some sensual new tricks and techniques together, and revitalise an important part of your relationship that may have accidentally become more ‘mind-numbing’ than ‘mind-blowing’."

"Shake any staleness out of your sex life, and wake your sense of experimentation out of hibernation,” says Fox.

"You don’t necessarily have to do anything wildly complicated or scarily daring to transform lovemaking from ‘mildly mundane’ to ‘jubilantly joyous’; something as straightforward as giving a tube of pleasure gel a whirl can act as a refresher and open you and your partner up to further thrilling experiences."

There a few things you can do to spice things up when it comes to sexy time, says Tammy Nelson, who is also a sex and relationships expert.

In a blog on The Huffington Post, she writes: "Great sex is planned. Sometimes couples think that only spontaneous sex is great sex. Not true.

"Making a date for sex can create what I call 'sexual anticipation' which, for women, creates more desire for sex."

She also says that it's implicit that you state what you want when it comes to sex.

"Sex does improve dramatically when you can tell your partner what you desire in bed. Don't expect them to read your mind, they can't," she adds.

Nelson also believes that sex doesn't necessarily have to be about throwing one another across the room and performing miraculous acrobatic feats.

"You don't have to sling your partner around the bed or jump around like maniacs to have great sex," she explains.

"In fact, sometimes it's even more sexy to force yourselves to relax and enjoy one position, to hold it longer than you would normally enjoy."

Well there you have it. Now get out there and have some sex.

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