Do Men Or Women Have A Higher Tolerance To Pain? This Experiment Finds Out

Contrary to popular belief that women have a higher pain tolerance than men in order to prepare them for the scream-inducing nightmare that is childbirth, some studies have shown that men are actually better at handling pain than women.

To put the debate to rest once and for all, six men and six women agreed to have their pain endurance levels put to the test.

In the above video, each volunteer is timed as they put their hand in a bowl of water filled with ice.

The men pondered their way through the pain...

"Is this what the people on the Titanic felt like?"

While the women took a more practical approach...

"It feels like when I go on a run - where it starts out really terrible and I really don't want to be there. Then after a while you're like: 'Well, this is just the pain I feel for now, so I might as well keep feeling it'."

At the end of the experiment, the volunteers' times were analysed.

The women spent an average of 96.3 seconds with their hands in the ice water, while the men spent an impressive 111.3 seconds in ice - making them the winners.

But remember, the BuzzFeed team tried the ice water test in a controlled environment with experts on hand, so don't try this endurance test at home.

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