06/07/2015 05:47 BST | Updated 22/07/2015 04:59 BST

Happy Birthday Prince George! Nine Photos That Show Prince George Is A Total Badass

As Prince George turns two we take a look back at all the times the royal toddler has stolen our hearts.

George works the camera and the crowds with his cheeky expressions and is already to proving to be a style icon in his own right with his outfits selling out moments after he is pictured in them.

That's why we've concluded Prince George is a total badass. But before we show you the proof, here's the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they were both little ones to show you just where the Prince got his cheeky looks from.


In our opinion, Prince George's big eyes and cheeky smile come from his mum, but his gorgeous blonde locks and of course fashion sense seem to come straight from his dad.

So yeah. Total badass.

1. He is only one year old and he already knows how to rock the crowd

prince george

2. Three shades of blue? No sweat.

prince george

3. Checks his baby sister is still in the pram because y'know, that's what big brothers are for

prince george

4. For the photographers desperately trying to get a photo of George, he will ALWAYS be ready for you

prince george

5. He's a style icon, literally. Prince George wears Crocs: everybody buys Crocs.

prince george


Prince George Wears Crocs, Cue A Rush On Shoe Shops

This Little Kid Thinks He's Prince George (He Isn't)

6. Crowds? He loves 'em.

prince george

7. Rolls in the grass, marches on, expects mum to follow

prince george

8. He learned to pose probably about the same time he learned to walk. And he's probably better than we are

prince george

9. He can be watching from afar and still catch the hearts of everyone.

prince george

Total babe.

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