'Married At First Sight' Review: Couple Split After Groom Joins Tinder, But Did The Rest Live Happy Ever After?


'Married at First Sight' signed off with a whole load of stuff packed into its final episode - as four people woke up with a complete stranger, that they'd married the day before.

No, not a Cameron Diaz rom-com, but the result of an experiment to see if couples put together by science, expertise and committee can fare any better than those struck more randomly by Cupid's arrow.

It all started well for Jason and Kate...

All that was missing from the resulting footage was Cilla Black and a big hat, as we voyeurs listened in on these couples' first dates sorry I meant honeymoons. Fortunately for the filmmakers, there was contrast - who guessed that? While Ireland-bound Kate and Jason had loads of champagne, jacuzzi and general phwoar going on, Iceland visitors Emma and James seemed all too pally. It looked as though James was going to be sat down at some point and told kindly, "It's not you, it's

But I spoke too soon. Because, although Kate unfeasibly was able to get over his penis-shaped pasta (??), all that honeymoon hotness didn't translate into daily living, even with their relationship counsellor making an emergency dash on a London bus to intervene. And that was before Kate discovered her new husband was 'active on Tinder, one minute ago'. Not to try and speak youff, but that sounds like a disloyal thing. Especially after she'd forgiven the penis-shaped pasta, as well. How COULD he?

James and Emma found spending time together extremely joyful

Meanwhile, James and Emma were rolling, with BBQs and giggles. Of course, it could have been a triumph for their matchmakers, the fact that they were a bit older and so more ready to compromise, or did they just get lucky?

Which means, basically, that the priest, the relationship experts, the computer and this armchair viewer are all equally ignorant when it comes to matters of the heart. Of course, we could ruminate on whether having a camera crew watching every move could in fact be the biggest factor in affecting the outcome of these orchestrated pairings, but hey
 either way, based on this flawed but diverting series, it seems Cupid won't be collecting his P45 just yet.

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