Cook Pasta Faster Than Ever Before With This Quick And Easy Trick

Whether it's shaped like shells, bows or regular spaghetti, nothing says comfort food like a big old bowl of pasta.

If (like us) you love eating pasta, but hate standing around waiting for it to cook, then the above life hack video is for you.

Created by BuzzFeed, the clip shows a clever way to get your pasta soft and ready to eat in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

All you need to do is switch your saucepan for a frying pan. Then, lay your pasta flat in the pan and cover with a thin layer of water. Heat and stir occasionally.

With this method, the pasta will be soft before you know it. Plus you'll cut down on boiling time and, as all the water evaporates away, you'll save time messing around with a colander.


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