United Nations Says Parents Smacking Children In Any Setting Should Be Made Illegal

Parents smacking children should be made illegal in the UK, a United Nations report has suggested.

In the report, the UN stated the UK should put an end to smacking "all settings including the home" and "encourage non-violent forms of discipline instead".

However government spokesperson said, according to the BBC that they "did not wish to criminalise parents for issuing a mild smack".

The suggestion was part of the recommendations issued by the UN Human Rights Committee, which has published an assessment of legal and cultural issues in the UK.

Existing laws in England and Wales allow children to be given "reasonable punishment" as long as implements are not used and no injury is caused such as bruises or cuts.

But the UN said any legal defences for parents who smack children should be abolished.

In the report, they suggested the UK Government should take practical steps to stop parents smacking including legislative measures "where appropriate", with the aim to put an end to corporal punishment in all settings throughout the UK.

The report also stated the government should make the public aware of the harmful effects of smacking through information campaigns.

What do you think - is a 'mild smack' currently allowed that doesn't cause injury okay when parents are disciplining their children? Comments below, please.

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