Austria Alpine Road Plunge Britons Had Spoken Of Great European Rally Dangers

Austria Alpine Road Plunge Britons Had Spoken Of Great European Rally Dangers

Two Britons killed after their car crashed as they took part in a rally along a mountain road in Austria had spoken of the dangers of their trip just days before they died.

Danny Hall, from Ashford in Kent, and Josh Robinson had been taking part in the Great European Rally, an eight-day drive through seven countries beginning in Belgium and finishing in Hungary.

The pair, aged 22 and 25, had been posting updates of their trip online, including video footage as they drove through the mountains.

The men died when their Seat Leon fell 1,312 feet from the Grossglockner High Alpine Road near the village of Fusch, 60 miles east of Innsbruck.

A day earlier Mr Robinson posted on his Facebook page that he was "feeling determined" to take on the Grossglockner leg of the trip with Mr Hall.

The 12,460ft Grossglockner is Austria's highest peak and one of the highest in the Alps.

On Wednesday the pair posted footage in which they told of the dangers they faced on the rally.

Mr Robinson said: "A biker's just been killed so we're kind of taking a bit of a pit stop - bringing it home though how dangerous it is."

In footage posted later that day one of the men said: "The difference in driving around, like, town where there's like a 50% chance you will die at high speeds, well guess what my friends, today there's a 100% chance you will die and it will f***ing hurt."

Yesterday the pair were thought to have been following a Porsche driven by a 42-year-old British man.

He contacted police after the men failed to turn up at a planned rendezvous with him or at a glacier further along the route.

Mr Robinson's father Marcus said he is heartbroken.

In a tribute online he wrote: "Josh Robinson you have broken my heart but I forgive son your always be my little boy, daddy going to bring you home babe" (sic).

Dover Athletic football club wrote on Twitter: "Our condolences go out to the friends and family of supporter Danny Hall, who tragically passed away today."

In a description of the event on its website the Great European Rally promises to make drivers "look like rally legends".

Organises describe the Grossglockner road as having 36 "hairpin bends".


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