Bear Grylls Launches Summer 'To-Do List' For Young Adventurers

Bear Grylls Launches Summer 'To-Do List' For Young Adventurers

Chief Scout Bear Grylls has launched a "Summer Manifesto" for all children in the UK.

The adventurer's to-do list for youngsters includes getting fit and doing something to help others.

Grylls said: "The summer holidays are a massive opportunity for fun, challenge and adventure. It's a time when kids can get outdoors, build dens, learn skills, make friends and have the freedom to discover who they are. That's why I'm challenging every child to accept my Kids' Summer Manifesto."

He wants youngsters to do the following:

:: Spend a night under the stars – this can be in their own back garden or as part of a massive camp

:: Learn a new skill – whether it is learning to ride a unicycle, play the ukulele or how to canoe

:: Do something for someone else – help a neighbour, their parents, siblings or relatives

:: Get fit – get into training for an adventure with some jogging, climbing or cycling

:: Build something - a den, a tree house, a go kart, a boat, you name it

:: Go on a wild adventure – on foot, on a bike, on the water or in the air

In Scouting young people get to try all these activities plus more than 200 more, from canoeing and abseiling to art and community projects.

UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt, said: "Scouting offers life-changing adventure for young people across the UK.

"It's amazing what can be achieved with great ideas, massive enthusiasm and committed volunteers. I would encourage everyone to take up our challenge and if they enjoy it, then continue their adventure by joining the Scouts.

"Adults can help make this happen by volunteering some of their time, while having fun and making friends themselves. This could be as little as a couple of hours a month."

Grylls added: "Every child has the right to adventure. Nature is the world's best adventure playground and it's open to all. I want girls and boys to be able to enjoy that freedom and develop a spirit of optimism, practicality and hope for the future.

"These are the character skills that Scouting helps young people to develop, helping them succeed in everyday life. None of my challenges need to cost a penny so there's no excuse to spend the next six weeks on the couch. That's why I want this summer to be known as the 'Summer of Adventure'."


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