More Wet Weather Due After Month's Worth Of Rain In One Day

More Wet Weather Due After Month's Worth Of Rain In One Day

Britain is preparing for another soaking after a month's worth of rain fell in a single day.

The downpours of Friday were followed by a brief respite today but forecasters warned more wet weather is coming in from the Atlantic.

The great summer getaway had a soggy start, with travellers and holidaymakers facing wet roads.

Friday's rain continued overnight and into this morning in some areas.

Gareth Harvey, senior forecaster with MeteoGroup, said the rain did not clear East Anglia and Kent until mid-morning - by which time Norwich, for example, had received 48mm (1.89 inches) in 24 hours. The average rainfall for the whole month of July in some East Anglian locations is only 52mm.

Mr Harvey said: "The next depression is coming in from the Atlantic. There will be rain in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and south west England by morning, and pretty much everywhere will see some rain through the course of tomorrow, with only the very far north of Scotland escaping. There will be some strong winds as well."

Temperatures reaching as high as 20C today will fall to a maximum of about 18C, below average for July, tomorrow.

They are expected to rise a few degrees higher on Monday, but there may still be some rain around then and it will stay cool and unsettled in the following days, with no obvious sign of any return to the hot conditions which prevailed a few weeks ago and produced the hottest July day on record, on July 1.

There was then a maximum recorded temperature of 36.7C (98F), melting of roads and rail service cancellations.


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