Frankie Boyle's Labour Party Column In The Guardian Has Everyone Agreeing With Him (Again)

Everyone Is Agreeing With Frankie Boyle (Again) Over This Labour Rant

Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle has gained huge support for his latest opinion column, which suggests the Labour Party may as well be replaced by an out-of-office reply.

Writing for Comment Is Free in The Guardian, Boyle said Labour: “...has lost touch so badly that it is now getting lectures on empathy from someone from Paisley.

“Harriet Harman might as well stand down and leave the party to be managed by an out-of-office email. It’s as if their MPs know they lost the election but don’t realise they actually still have jobs in parliament.”

Earlier, Boyle faced calls to pull out of a comedy performance in Belfast over a joke about Down's Syndrome made in 2010.

But in what's starting to become a theme, even those who dislike Boyle's comedy agreed with his stance on Labour.

Despite recent controversies, people felt Boyle’s views were worth listening to.

On Facebook, people were impressed.

There were calls for him to stand.

And for him to do a Jon Stewart.

And the fact his comedy background could serve him well in politics.

And Labour’s current leadership came under heavy criticism.

Back on Twitter, people preferred Boyle’s politics to his comedy.

And others found themselves surprised.

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