One Night In Vegas: Photographers Create Stunning Time-Lapse In Sin City

Viva Las Vegas!

Three photographers drove across two different states to capture a stunning time-lapse video of Las Vegas at night.

Aaron Keigher, Michael Bloom and Arlene Ziordia set off from Los Angeles to film the flashing signs, neon lights and the many colorful individuals walk the streets Las Vegas. They darted around The Strip dodging crowds, the drunk tourists and trying to evade security guards as they recorded their footage during the 'run-and-gun filming'.

Aaron Keigher said "If you have ever visited Vegas you will understand why it was the perfect gamble for this project. The city literally never sleeps. The streets were still buzzing with people at 4:00am and only showed signs of slowing down when the sun finally started to rise.

"As dawn broke we finished up filming and headed out of Vegas to check out the Hoover Dam before the long drive back to Los Angeles and finally some sleep.

"The challenge in putting together a time-lapse in just one night is that they take so long to do -- not to mention that you have a much shorter night in the summer! In the past, I have spent months creating time-lapses. But I decided that this would be a challenge that I wanted to take on. We had to really plan out where we were going to be shooting and then rush and set up as quickly as possible." Keigher told The Huffington Post UK.

"It was an awesome and incredibly exhausting night that was filled with amazing memories and great friends. So what’s next? One Night in New York? Los Angeles? Chicago? Miami? Who knows… but for now…"

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