Tesco Ribena Ban: 13 Products Arguably Worse Than Ribena That You Can Still Buy

Supermarket giant Tesco is seeking to tackle childhood obesity by removing high-sugar, lunchbox-sized drinks, including Ribena, from its shelves.

As thousands of outraged shoppers take to social media, a quick glance at Tesco’s website reveals trolley-loads of products that remain able to be purchased – many of which contain significantly more sugar than a Ribena carton drink.

Here’s 13 products that are the same -- or worse -- than Ribena cartons but which remain on sale.


Tesco Ribena Ban: Things That Are Still For Sale

But these aren't the only sinful products that will still be freely available when Ribena cartons are consigned to distant memory.

38% Proof Tequila

Tesco Bans Ribena: Incredibly These Aren't Banned