Man Shaves Off Beard After 14 Years, His Family's Reaction Is Priceless

Amit has had a beard for the past 14 years, long before Hackney hipsters started to grow their facial hair.

The 44-year-old, known has "Mookie", has had a beard for so long that his wife and kids have never seen him without one.

So when he decided to shave it off, his new beardless look came as a bit of a shock to everyone - his father didn't even recognise him and walked straight past.

Our favourite reaction came from Mook's wife, Limor.

When her husband turned around to show her his fresh face, she stopped dead in her tracks. "I can't believe this is how you look," she gasped.

When Mookie went over and gave her a beardless kiss, she added: "I feel like I'm cheating on you it's strange. You've got to be kidding."

The video is part of new campaign documentary advert for Super Pharm razor blades.