Search For 'Anonymous Legend' Who Returned Tom Watts' Wallet Lost In Luton Airport Goes Viral

Help Find The 'Anonymous Legend' That Returned This Lost Wallet

When Tom Watts arrived home after a holiday to Serbia, he realised he'd lost his wallet while at Luton airport.

But much to his surprise, the wallet arrived in the post at his parents' house - the address detailed on his driver's license - a few days later, with all cash and cards intact.

Inside with the wallet, Tom found a note which read: "I’m really sorry Tom, I picked this up thinking it was my mates and there was no number. Hope you enjoyed Serbia. Good luck at Uni."

The 23-year-old Capital FM radio presenter launched a Facebook campaign to find the "anonymous legend" that reunited him with his money.

This is bloody awesome.Last weekend, I lost my wallet at Luton airport when I flew back from holiday... This morning,...

Posted by Tom Watts on Friday, 24 July 2015

The status soon went viral and has now been shared over 78,000 times.

An Australian man named Sam Fosberry has been named as the "good Samaritan" who returned Tom's wallet by several news sites.

But a look at Fosberry's Facebook page suggests he only became involved in the story as a joke.

When one friend on Facebook asked Fosberry whether it was true that he was the person who returned the wallet, Fosberry replied: "Is it fuck. I just saw the page that was shared and said I was the one who found it, next thing I know I'm in the national newspaper."

The search goes on.

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