Caitlyn Jenner Praises 'Beautiful' Rumoured Girlfriend, Candis Canyne, In Second Episode Of 'I Am Cait'

The second episode of Caitlyn Jenner’s reality series ‘I Am Cait’ aired in America on Sunday night, with the former Olympian alluding to her rumoured relationship with Candis Cayne.


Over the past few weeks, reports have cropped up, alleging that Caitlyn has been secretly dating the performance artist and transgender activist, having had her divorce from ex-wife Kris Jenner finalised earlier this year.

For the first time, Caitlyn has now acknowledged the rumours, after her friend Ronda teased her, claiming, ahead of a road trip the two were planning to San Francisco: “You need a sexy [outfit] for Candis.”

Caitlyn Jenner

When Ronda’s daughter asked who that was, Caitlyn kept it coy, claiming: “We're not going there… [Candis is] a girl that's going on the trip with us.”

During some alone time, Caitlyn was later heard admitting to viewers that she was attracted to Candis, but didn’t know what the future would hold for their relationship.

She revealed: “These girls won't give up. Candis is a beautiful woman, but as far as far as dating in the future, I have absolutely no idea.”

Candis Cayne at the ESPY Awards, where Caitlyn delivered an emotional speech last month

Meanwhile, in a preview clip for the upcoming third episode, Caitlyn was heard admitting she could “appreciate the male form”, when told by one of her transgender friends that dating a man might make her feel “more feminine”, something she claimed she was still struggling with at times.

After first coming out as transgender earlier this year, Caitlyn told Diane Sawer that, having only dated women, that wasn’t something she felt was going to change once she began to live openly as a woman herself.

It was recently claimed that Caitlyn and her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, recently had their first face-to-face meeting since she began living openly as a woman, with reports in the media suggesting their chat could appear in a future episode of 'I Am Cait'.

‘I Am Cait’ airs on Sunday nights, on E!.

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