'My Daughter Eats Three Things' Dad Of Fussy-Eater Gets Excellent Advice On Reddit

A frustrated dad whose three-year-old daughter will only eat three things appealed to parents on Reddit for advice on how to get her to eat more.

And the responses he received proved he most definitely isn't alone.

Describing his daughter as a "very, very picky eater" Reddit user AaronASU11 said all she will eat is grilled cheese, french fries, chicken nuggets... and occasionally yoghurt.

The dad wrote: "If I try to make her eat other things she yells and screams, 'I don't like it' and won't eat.

"I've tried just putting a strawberry on her plate every meal but she pretends to take a bite and then puts it down or gives it to her sister."

The parenting community on Reddit quickly came to the dad's aid with plenty of great advice, including:

1. Make a game out of healthy eating.

WTadams suggested ignoring the girl's complaints about food and positively reinforcing eating healthy food with the help of their older daughter.

How to do that? Make it a game.

2. Stop buying unhealthy food.

Perhaps it's easier said than done, but one parent pointed out that children will have to get used to eating whatever their parents buy.

3. Experiment with texture and taste.

A helpful comment suggested analysing what AaronASU11's daughter does and doesn't eat and looking at the texture and type of food she finds acceptable to her palate.

4. Erm, remember who is boss.

And man up... apparently.

5. Get her favourite toy to start "eating" dinner.

If your child has an imaginary friend or a favourite toy, how would they react if their beloved friend began eating their greens?

6. Get others to eat the food in front of them (people they admire).

Similar to the above, but with real people. Chocolatephantom suggested this trick that worked for his kids.

7. Don't worry and buy some vitamins.

One parent took another approach, suggesting that forcing her too early could be detrimental.

8. OR, follow this detailed, step-by-step guide.

After reading the thread of advice that came in after he posted the question, the dad was no longer so frustrated.

A big thank you was in order.