'Emmerdale': Residents Stunned As Val Killed By Mirror After Explosion, Pete Overwhelmed By Brother's Betrayal

Emmerdale Plot Claims Two More Victims

It was another shocking episode of 'Emmerdale' on Thursday evening, as the explosion claimed another victim, and someone else died in horrifying circumstances.

Both sisters Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) and Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) remained trapped in the mirror maze following the dramatic explosion bringing to a tragic end the wedding celebrations of Pete and Debbie Dingle.

The mirror maze trapped both Val and Diane, but only one of them emerged from the wreckage

But while Diane was rescued, Vale was killed by a falling piece of mirror - sacrificing her life for her sister's - after she and her sister had shared an emotional heart-to-heart over their fractured relationship. Val went out in typically dramatic fashion, daring the dangling shard of mirror to do its worst.

Meanwhile, Debbie's injuries were tended to, while brothers Ross and Pete remained shocked by the discovery of betrayal.

Pete and Ross's confrontation also ended in tragedy - but how can Pete get away with this?

Pete was beside himself with the revelation of his brother's affair with Debbie, and ended up beating Ross to a pulp - with unexpectedly tragic consequences. Worse still, he tried to cover up the incident by driving his brother's body to a nearby woods and hiding it, before returning to the village and - ironically - making up with Debbie and pledging a new future for both of them.

Dramatic enough for you?

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