How To Cook The Perfect Fried Egg (In Time For Your Weekend Fry Up)

If pictures from one of our favourite Facebook pages - The Fry Up Police - are anything to go by, cooking a fried egg is harder than you think.

In fact you're more likely to cook a blown-apart mess with crinkly brown bits than you are to pull off the holy grail of pristine whites and wobbly-perfect yolks.

If you can ignore the robotic tone of the video (sorry about that), this shows you how to cook the perfect sunny side up and down eggs.

Sunny side up:

  • Use a good non-stick pan.
  • Heat it on a low heat and add butter or oil. For perfect whites, use clarified butter. Regular butter contains impurities and milk solids which can brown the whites.
  • Use the freshest eggs possible as the whites and yolk will hold their shape longest.
  • If the thick white around yolk is still jiggly, it's not yet done - give it a bit longer.

For sunny side down (or eggs over easy):

  • Heat the pan to medium heat but not too much oil as when you are flipping the eggs, it can burn your arm.
  • When cracking the eggs, make sure the yolks are as close together as possible. To do this, position the tip of the egg in the same direction when cracking.
  • Cook until whites are about 75% cooked. Before flipping, make sure the eggs aren’t sticking to the pan. If they are sticking, add a bit more fat.
  • Once the eggs are flipped – don’t touch them – don’t reposition them. JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEM, ALRIGHT. The yolks need time to set or they will break. Flip them back over after about 30 seconds.
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