'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World' Fails To Draw In The Crowds, With Just 68,000 Viewers Tuning In

We can only assume that Katie Hopkins is spending her Friday morning licking her wounds, following the news that the debut of her panel show, ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World’, didn’t exactly pull in the viewers.


In fact, fewer than 70,000 viewers tuned in to watch the first episode of Katie’s controversial show on TLC, with the first episode drawing in a mere 68,000.

Admittedly, the show itself is on a fairly small channel, but when her weight loss documentary ‘My Fat Story’, debuted at the beginning of the year, it earned TLC its highest-ever viewing figures, with as many as 257,000 tuning in, which hardly bodes well for her latest effort.

Katie Hopkins

Still, low ratings are alright as long as it’s well-received, right?

Oh, and an appearance from The GC as well.

During the show, Katie courted controversy when she referred to one angry audience member as a “raging, angry fat person”, which is hardly the way to treat one’s studio audience, is it?

Katie’s foray into the world of television has been blighted with problems from the beginning, with reports earlier this year claiming that celebrity guests were dropping like flies out of her proposed talk show. Watch this space.

Katie Hopkins' Totally-Not-Staged Day At The Beach

Katie Hopkins' Totally-Not-Staged Day At The Beach