‘EastEnders' Spoiler: Kathy Beale's Back In Walford! Gillian Taylforth's Character Makes Full Return After Live Week Comeback

It’s been over almost 6 months since Kathy Beale made a shock return during ‘EastEnders’ live week, and now, Gillian Taylforth’s character is set to return to Walford properly.

Since meeting with Phil Mitchell in an East London car park in February, Kathy has made a series of random appearances in E20.

She's ba-ack!

Now, Kathy is set to make her way back to Albert Square itself for the first time since 2000, taking a huge risk the residents - aside from Phil - still think she’s dead.

Kathy’s desperate to return home though, and decides to go straight to The Arches, where she comes face-to-face with Phil.

Will Phil agree to help?

Once there, she begs the Mitchell brother to find a way for her to return home - but will he offer any help?

Kathy’s eventual big reveal is likely to cause huge shockwaves in Albert Square, and will stun Ben Mitchell and Ian Beale, who both think their mum is dead.

Surely it won't be long before someone in the Square spots Kathy...

Ian hasn’t exactly had an easy time lately, and in the coming months, fans will see him reach breaking point.

Kathy’s return was the biggest surprise highlight of ‘EastEnders’ live week, which commemorated the soap’s 30th anniversary.

Fans took to Twitter to share their shock immediately after Gillian and Steve McFadden’s live scene was aired, and the actress later revealed that even her own family had no idea she was returning to the soap.

Watch ‘EastEnders’ from 17th August to see the Kathy’s (proper) return.

1. Kathy first appeared in 'EastEnders' in 1985.

Who Is Kathy Beale?

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