Children Pictured Strapped To Human Claw Machines Above Sea Of Cuddly Toys

Pictures have been released showing children dangled above a large sea of cuddly toys in a "human claw machine" in southwest China.

The machine works in the same way as claw machines at fairgrounds and arcades, except rather than a mechanical claw children at Chongqing mall in Sichuan are dangled from the air while trying to catch a toy.

Another level of difficulty is added as the children have to wear boxing gloves as they grasp at the toys below them.

According to People's Daily, the machine made its debut on 7 August and attracted large crowds of children as well as their parents to test it.

Back in June 2015, it was revealed by Washington-based writer Phil Edwards that arcade claw machines are rigged for profit.

Operators change the strength of the claw to reduce chances of winning, meaning a winner is usually down to luck not skill.

Is the human claw machine rigged to lift kids up before they reach toys? No one yet knows.

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