'I Can't Live Without You.' 'I Know I Pay Your Rent': CrazyYourMom Instagram Account Shares Hilarious Texts From Mums

Are Your 'Mum Texts' As Hilarious As These?

If your kids are already at an age where they have their own mobile phones, they've probably already mocked you for sending comical "mum texts".

But are your texts as hilarious as these?

Kate Siegel used Instagram to document the hilarious and slightly overbearing texts she received from her mum and she soon found she was flooded with examples of other people's mums doing exactly the same.

So Siegel set up a brand new Instagram account - CrazyYourMom - to share all the texts people had been sending her.

She told Buzzfeed Life: "There was this huge influx of new followers, and people immediately starting sending me hilarious conversations that they were having with their own mothers.

"Turns out, I'm not the only one with a crazy mum."

A snapshot from Siegel's phone

Here are a few hilarious mum texts shared with Siegel and posted on her Instagram account.

A photo posted by CrazyYourMom (@crazyyourmom) on

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