'Great TV' Comes Third On List Of Simple Pleasures Most Desired By British People, With 'Fast Wifi' Coming Fifth

Not only have we all got very, very used to relying on the internet, it's fast become something we can't do without, with 'Good Wi-Fi connection' trumping 'Laughter', 'A Cup Of Tea' and even 'Alcohol' in a new poll to discover what simple pleasures constitute a Briton's path to happiness.

Happily for us entertainment-obsessed types, 'Great TV' comes third in the poll - well, naturally.

There's one man who's got his priorities all sorted... Telly's great lover Homer Simpson

It seems nature still wins out with Beautiful Sunsets coming top, and earning an impressive 52% of the vote, with Music coming a close second.

But Fast Wi-Fi has made quite a dent on the list, considering it's something we didn't even know about a decade ago. And, even more tellingly, four out of ten people polled admitted that a lack of Wi-Fi is one of life's biggest daily frustrations - more than double the amount who considered an inability to speak to friends irritated them!

The new survey of 2,000 Brits was specially commissioned to celebrate the launch of the new series 'The Last Man On Earth', exclusive to Dave at 9pm tonight (Monday 10 August). The comedy finds Phil Miller (Will Forte) the only surviving human on earth and follows his ideas as he works out how best to pass the time.

The survey asked participants to list the top 10 simple pleasures that make life worth living over and above contact with fellow humans and companionship.

Here's the full countdown of the top ten... what have they forgotten?

  1. Beautiful sunsets
  2. Music
  3. Great TV
  4. Chocolate
  5. Fast Wifi Connection
  6. Laughter
  7. A nice comfy seat
  8. Tea/Coffee
  9. Alcohol
  10. Smell of fresh laundry

(Apparently, more than twice as many women mentioned the last one as men... no comment.)

'The Last Man On Earth' airs exclusively on Dave at 9pm on Monday 10 August. And here are some more simple pleasures, for those moments when there's no great TV, no wifi and the sun's gone down...

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