Bear Grylls Has Finally Broken, Thanks To Michelle Rodriguez

Bear Grylls Has Finally Broken

Bear Grylls has seen, and done, a lot of outrageous things during his time as a survival expert.

Drinking his own urine? Easy. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in an inflatable boat? Tick. Chowing down on a live spider? Well-and-truly off the bucket list.

However, it seems Bear has finally found his own breaking point, with a helping hand from ‘Fast And Furious’ star Michelle Rodriguez.

Our thoughts exactly, Michelle

The actress joined Eton-educated Bear for the latest episode of ‘Running Wild’, which is being screened in the US.

During their stay in the Nevada desert, Bear rustles up some interesting cusine, creating that well-known dish, dead mouse cooked in actress’s pee.

Oh, Bear...

Michelle takes a cup and does the deed, leaving Bear to stew the tiny rodent in her um, unwanted liquids.

When the meal is ready, the duo munch on the tiny animal, but Bear goes one step further, deciding that the stock (read: leftover urine) shouldn’t be wasted. And we thought drinking Pot Noodle juice was gross.

Once the deed is done, Bear finally admits that the stunt is maybe one step too far.

Watch Bear and Michelle enjoy their al fresco dinner in the video above...


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