Carrie Bradshaw Apartment: Sex And The City Writer's New York Home Up For Sale


Ever dreamed of living out your days in a real life version of Sex and the City, complete with fancy-pants New York apartment, flowing Cosmos and your very own Mr Big?

Well, all that could now be yours as the real life Carrie Bradshaw, author and producer Candace Bushnell (whose column inspired the TV series), has listed her glamorous Greenwich Village home for sale.

It will set you back a cool 2.65 million dollars (around £1.7m), which may seem pricey, but Mr Big is actually included - actor Chris North lives in the same building.


Sarah Jessica-Parker with Candace Bushnell at a New York event in 2008

While the one-and-a-half bathroom pad (what does that even mean?) doesn't actually bear much resemblance to Bradshaw's Upper East Side apartment, it does boast an impressive amount of wardrobe space.

See Bushnell's apartment in full below (and try not to immediately resent your tiny London flatshare):

Candace Bushnell's NYC Apartment

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