12/08/2015 17:02 BST | Updated 12/08/2015 17:59 BST

Great British Bake Off 2015: Episode Two (Biscuit Week) As It Happened, In Funny Tweets

Tamal, a contestant on The Great British Bake Off 2015

Great British Bake Off is back on our screens, and it's got us glued to the sofa once again. It's at its usual innuendo-ridden gold standard, so here's how the second episode went down, illustrated with funny tweets.

Warning: here be spoilers.

We kicked off with two hours to make 24 biscotti:

But we were all missing Stu and his odd tastes a little bit:

But then this bloke put ROSEMARY in a biscuit:

We got a bit more insight into the posh one's life:

Things got a bit more technical with some wafer thin spirals of puff pastry known as an arlette:

Yeah, it was Paul's choice. He had his crafty little face on.

Then this happened:

The judging was one of the crumbiest things to ever happen:

Dorret actually won something, which was good after last week's TOTAL mishap.

The showstopper? A box. Made of biscuit. To carry more biscuits. Which is incredible, and an open goal for innuendos:

Mat made a gingerbread fire engine, because obviously he hasn't mentioned the whole "firefighting" thing enough.

Ugne attempted to make a marshmallow baby stealing the biscuits, because apparently that's a thing:

Dorret decided to use a cookie cutter to make little green frogs:

And Ian made... This:

So many innuendos.

And Alvin didn't quite finish...

You just couldn't get Paul to switch off:

In the end, Ian was the star baker and Marie got sent home:

And did you spot this?