13/08/2015 18:30 BST | Updated 13/08/2016 06:12 BST

BBC Radio DJ Alex Dyke Suspended Over Breastfeeding Remarks

A BBC radio DJ has been suspended after he said that "librarian-type moustached" women should not breastfeed in public.

More than 6,000 people signed a petition calling for Alex Dyke to be taken off the air after he said that it was "unnatural" and a throwback to the Stone Age during his show on BBC Radio Solent on Wednesday - prompting complaints on social media and a petition on

A BBC spokeswoman said: "Following unacceptable comments made on air yesterday, Alex Dyke has been suspended pending an investigation, so he will not be on air tomorrow."

During the 10am show, Mr Dyke's comments included: "It is 2015. Ladies, mums, we don’t like breastfeeding in public, honestly we don’t. I experienced this yesterday. I was on a bus and there was a lady on this bus. She was quite a big girl and she had a toddler with her. She starts to breastfeed her baby on the bus. I didn’t know where to look. She’s putting me in an embarrassing situation.

"I didn't really realise what was going on. I just thought she was cuddling a baby and then I looked over and I realised. I wanted to look away but the bus was packed. Breastfeeding is unnatural. I know its natural but it's kind of unnatural. It's the kind of thing which should be done in a quiet and private nursery. We don't want it in public. It was OK in the Stone Age when we knew no better and people didn't even have their own teeth. A public area is not the place for it. It's not a great look."

Mr Dyke also said: "Making love is the most natural thing in the world but you wouldn’t do it on the number 15. I blame the Earth-mothers, the ones who wear hessian.”

The petition, started by Maisie Jameson, reached more than 6,000 supporters.

She wrote: "There is already a stigma around breastfeeding, and we don't need ill educated mysoginists like Alex Dyke to make it even more apparent.

"In fact he was right. We're not in the Stone Age anymore - we're in the 21st century. Breastfeeding is completely natural, and people must remember that breasts are for feeding - not for men."

Emma Kirby posted on Twitter: "Another moron with misogynistic views about breastfeeding on the radio. Get rid of this idiot!"

The show is currently unavailable on the BBC iPlayer radio website. 

Rosemary Dodds, senior policy adviser at the National Childbirth Trust, said: "We're disappointed about these outdated, ridiculous and potentially damaging comments. No mother should ever be made to feel guilty, judged or ashamed about feeding their baby, whether by breast or bottle.

"Mums feel under enough pressure already about their feeding decisions and they should be fully supported and certainly not looked down on or criticised for simply feeding their child in whichever way they want, in public or in private.

"The Equality Act, which became law in 2010, states that mothers cannot be discriminated against, asked to leave a venue or treated unfavourably because they are breastfeeding when out and about in Britain. This is something we campaigned for over a number of years as mums should be able to feed their babies whenever and wherever they need to."