19 Things You Should Never Do In A Kitchen

Spilt milk on kitchen floor
Stuart Minzey via Getty Images
Spilt milk on kitchen floor

The kitchen, a wondrous place full of delicious possibilities, can also be a dangerous one. There are hot surfaces and sharp objects all around, and things can get ugly if one is not careful -- from something as benign as a ruined meal to more serious outcomes like severe burns.

Folks, there are do's and don't's when it comes to proper kitchen etiquette. We found the best reddit thread on the subject that has input from industry chefs and home cooks alike. (Who better to weigh in on the subject than those who are learning from their mistakes?) We fact-checked each brilliant piece of advice listed below, credited to the reddit user who wrote it.

Without further ado, here are things you should never do in the kitchen:

1. Never try to catch a falling knife. Just take a step back. (kirkl3s)

2. Don't add dry flour or cornstarch to hot liquid. It'll cause hard-to-whisk-out clumps. Instead, add dry ingredients such as those to cool liquid first to make a slurry and whisk that into the hot liquid. (ThePrimCrow)

3. Never use wet oven mitts to handle hot pots or pans. Heat tranfers a lot faster through wet cloth than dry ones. (razain86)

4. Don't put a hot glass dish on a wet surface. Or, a hot pan on a glass table. OR, hot liquid into an actual glass. It will shatter, and make a big ol' mess (unless of course it's Pyrex glass -- that's been created to withstand heat). (JimmyL2014)

5. Never serve a dish before you taste it. It will almost always need more salt. (amliebsten)

6. Never forget to wash your hands after chopping a chile. Your eyes will thank you. (magicbullets)

7. Don't confuse baking soda for baking powder. Things won't work out as you hope. While both are leaveners they work in entirely different ways. (Taramonia)

8. Never scrape your knife against a cutting board to move food off of it. It'll dull the blade faster than you can say whoops. (baccus82)

9. Don't use metal utensils on a non-stick pan. It'll ruin the coating on the pan. (Andre_the_Pliant)

10. Never mix water and hot oil. Bad things will happen and you could get seriously burned. (nothesharpest)

11. Don't use a dull knife. It's far more dangerous than the sharpest blade in the world. (Every_Name_Is_Tak3n)