14/08/2015 04:51 BST | Updated 14/08/2015 04:59 BST

Anthea Turner Admits To Having Botox and Boob Job Ahead Of TV Comeback

Anthea Turner has opened up about her experiences with cosmetic surgery, ahead of her TV comeback.

The star is set to present the Health Lottery draw on Thursday evenings, and before returning to our screens, she’s revealed that she’s no stranger to going under the knife.

Anthea Turner

Speaking to the Daily Star, Anthea explains: “Botox is a marvelous thing. Put it this way, I can look angry but not furious. And I've had my boobs done too - they're great.

“Just tidy up as you go along. I've got no problems with it at all and I would never lie about it.”

“How can you say you're all natural when everyone knows it's not true at all?” she concludes. “Sometimes, people say they haven't had Botox and I just think, you're a liar!”

This isn’t the first time Anthea’s spoken candidly about surgery, and she previously stated that she’d never rule out a facelift.

After first finding fame as a ‘Blue Peter’ presenter, Anthea fronted a series of shows, including GMTV.

The presenter hit headlines in 2013, when she divorced her husband of 13 years Grant Bovey.

She later discussed the split, telling Hello! magazine that the stress affected her health.

“When you’re going through a stressful time, you either hit the biscuit tin or go the other way,” she explained last year. "I went the other way and didn’t eat. I’m 5ft 6in and used to weigh around 9st, but last year I went down to 8st - I looked really scraggy.”

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