No Escape Star Owen Wilson Switching From Comedy To Action Hero

No Escape Star Owen Wilson Switching From Comedy To Action Hero

Comedy actor Owen Wilson has said he hopes to pull the rug out from under the audience's feet with his transition to action star in his latest film.

The Hollywood stalwart is best known for roles in films such as Wedding Crashers, Zoolander and Night At The Museum, as well as whimsical comedies including Midnight In Paris and The Royal Tenenbaums, so his role in No Escape as a father fighting to protect his family when they are caught up in a coup is a significant change.

At the Los Angeles premiere of the film, Wilson, 46, said he thinks it was an advantage that he was not a conventional choice for the part.

"The director and producer didn't ever see my character like The Rock or something, it felt more like we are with our family in a foreign country where everything is confused and all hell breaks loose and you're just trying to survive and protect your kids."

He added: "It was grounded in reality, it wasn't going to be that one minute I jump into a fighter jet or get a grenade launcher. It is just stuff I could imagine my dad trying to do if we had been threatened."

Wilson stars opposite Lake Bell, who is also a noted comedy actress, as a couple trying to get their children to safety during a rebellion in an unnamed Asian country.

"Doing the scenes in the beginning where you see a family that is comfortable with each other felt very familiar because I've done those scenes in other movies.

"But then the rug gets pulled out from under my character and the audience because everything happens really fast."

:: No Escape is released in UK cinemas on September 4.


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