Rail Season Ticket Prices To Rise By 1% Amid Low Inflation

Rail Season Ticket Prices To Rise By 1% Amid Low Inflation

Rail passengers will face average season ticket price rises of 1% in January following the announcement of the July inflation figures.

The new-year rises are based on the previous July's rate of Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation, announced by the Office for National Statistics.

It will be the lowest rise since 2010, when fares actually decreased by 0.4%.

David Sidebottom, director of transport user watchdog Transport Focus, said: "Fares are set to increase again, but passengers will be relieved to see that fare rises in England are being capped at inflation.

"They will be pleased to see that there is no flexibility for individual fares to go up by more than this. Both of these are things we have pushed for.

"While fares are going up, for many people punctuality is going down. The poor performance in the South East in particular highlights how Network Rail and operators need to deliver a more consistent day-to-day service which passengers can rely on."

In 2010 rail fares decreased by 0.4% after the previous July's rate of RPI inflation was minus 1.4%, because fare rises were based on RPI plus 1%. Since 2014 fare rises have matched RPI.


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