Tips For Dressing A Big Bust: Style Hacks To Make You Look Even More Amazing

Dressing a bigger bust can be a bit of a minefield, but luckily stars like Kate Upton are showing the world that big boobs can totally pull off high fashion.

Until every brand starts to cater for our needs (it's called tailoring, you guys), finding outfits that flatter and fit will remain a tricky art to master, but celebrity stylist Faye Sawyer has teamed up with big-bust friendly fashion brand Pepperberry to bring you her top tips for dressing bigger boobs:

1. Get the fit right, jackets and blazers that are cut to flatter boobs are really worth investing in. Clever tailoring makes such a difference to an outfit.

2. Avoid chunky knits, heavy sweaters or anything that is too fluffy - they can add bulk to to your frame and chest area.

3. High necks like turtle or polo necks should be avoided. Instead, go for lower necklines as these flatter larger boobs.

Proof even on a flat chest a polo neck is a difficult look to pull off

4. Accentuate your curves by wearing little belts around the highest part of your waist, these work particularly well with fitted and shift dresses, revealing a fabulous hour glass shape that looks amazing with big boobs.

5. Stay away from elaborate detailing around the boob area stick to simple well shaped pieces.

6. If you are going for skinny jeans on a night out, go for heels too, they elongate the body and help balance the proportion of your silhouette.

7. High waisted jeans as a rule don't work if you have larger boobs, unless you are really skinny it's best to opt for lower waisted styles with well fitted tops.

8. Sounds obvious, but make sure your bra is the right size and fits well. Many women have never had a professional fitting, it really is important. Finding the right bra can quite literally transform your wardrobe.

9. A classic shirt is a wardrobe staple, if you have bigger boobs its all about the fit.

Choose a shirt that has bust tailored shaping. This way you can wear beautiful crisp white shirts and you wont have to put up with any gaping.

Pepperberry started its whole collection with a white shirt fitted and cut to flatter the larger bust - it's one of their bestsellers.

Yay for boobs!

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