‘Emmerdale' Actor Michael Parr Thanks Fans Following ‘Bring Back Ross Barton' Petition

'Emmerdale' Star Responds To 'Bring Back Ross' Petition

‘Emmerdale’ star Michael Parr has thanked his fans, following the launch of a petition calling for his character Ross Barton to return to the soap.

Earlier this month, soap viewers saw Ross killed, during the dramatic #SummerFate episodes, at the hands of his brother Pete.

Michael Parr

Pete then dumped his body in the woodland, and plenty of shocked fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the surprise turn of events.

Michael first graced our screens as Ross in July 2013, but during his relatively short stay in soapland, he won plenty of new fans.

Now, he’s thanked those who have signed a petition calling for his character’s resurrection, and heaped praise on ‘Emmerdale’ producer Kate Oates.

Writing on Twitter, he posted:

The petition has ganered a lot of support, and by Wednesday morning over 8,00 fans had signed it.

While it may seem like a big ask, we reckon bringing Ross back would actually be doable - by soap standards anyway.

We all saw Dirty Den fall into the canal, but he came back didn’t he? Just saying…

Since the dramatic events of Debbie and Pete’s wedding day, there’s been plenty of twists and turns keeping ‘Emmerdale’ fans entertained.

Later this month, viewers will see Pete confess all to Debbie, and obviously, the news that her new hubby is a murderer doesn’t go down too well…

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