Coldplay 'So Boring They Sent Former Interpol Guitarist Carlos D Into Retirement'

Coldplay have weathered many accusations of being boring, both in sound and performance, but now they've been described as being so tedious they actually sent one US rock star into retirement.

Former Interpol bassist Carlos D describes to New York's Bedford + Bowery Magazine an occasion five years ago, sitting in the audience for 'Saturday Night Live' when the British group performed, and realising, "I felt bored, quite frankly. I then then there was something going on with me, some kind of identify shift. It really troubled me."

Coldplay may be many people's favourites, but they sent Interpol bassist Carlos D into retirement

Carlos says he had felt "titallation and excitement" at the sketches that had been happening, it was only when Chris Martin and his bandmates struck up their famous chords that it all went wrong for him.

To be fair to the British hitmakers, Carlos admits that he had been coping with a host of personal problems as well when he finally made the decision to quit his band. He said, "I had many substance and process addictions that I was coping with."

Carlos admits he had a few personal problems as well, when he listened to Coldplay's set

Coldplay probably aren't going to be too bothered by Carlos D's admission. Since forming in 1996, the band has enjoyed six hit albums, with sales of approximately 60 millon records around the world, seven Grammy Awards and a central role in the London Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony, when their song 'Viva La Vida' was performed by different groups all over the UK.

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