Morrissey Reveals 'Horrific' Details Of Alleged Sexual Assault, During Interview With Larry King


Morrissey has revealed graphic details of an alleged sexual assault he claims to have suffered at the hands of a security guard at a US airport.

The singer-songwriter told Larry King during a television interview that the details were "horrific", but the veteran host said he wanted to hear all.


Morrissey explained, "He put his finger down my rear cleavage - you said you wanted the details...

"I had been through the full scanner and I'd been through the second bit and everything was fine, and then he went straight for my private bits, and then he put his finger down my rear cleavage.

Morrissey told Larry King the TSA agent he confronted was "above the law"

"The people I was with said this was assault, and he said, 'It's just your opinion.' He said it four times."

Morrissey added that he had made a written complaint to the authorities about the incident, but had received no response.

"They're above the law," he told Larry King.

Previously, Morrissey had complained of the "groping" by a staff member at San Francisco International Airport, where he was boarding a flight to London. He wrote on his blog, "Apart from ‘that's just your opinion’, he would not comment, even though, since the penis and testicles were mine and no one else's, then my opinion must surely have some meaning.

During his chat with Larry King, Morrissey was equally outspoken on other subjects, telling Larry King he thought US President Obama had "disappointed a lot of people" with his response to the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of an unarmed black teenager. He said of Barack Obama, "Is he white inside? I think he probably is."

The former Smiths frontman also revealed that, despite millions of fans hanging out for a reunion with his Smiths bandmates, it would never happen. He said, "We were very young, we didn't know what we were doing and we didn't like each other that much. It was nice when it finished."

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