25/08/2015 07:19 BST | Updated 25/08/2015 08:59 BST

This Grown Man Dressed Like Prince George For A Week... Here's What Happened

With the "Prince George Effect" still in full force, the fact a two-year old child was named the 49th best dressed man in Britain by GQ didn't really raise many eyebrows.

But isn't it all a bit weird?

That's what 23-year-old journalist Max Knoblauch from Brookyln set to find out when decided to live a week in the royal's tiny sartorial shoes, heading in search of a "wardrobe befitting a toddler prince".

"The first challenge would be finding the clothes in a men's large. The second challenge would be not being arrested," Knoblauch wrote in his piece for Mashable.

Watch what happened in the video above, or check out our favourite outfit recreations below:

prince george

Nailed it.

prince george

Strangely, this kind of works.


Jury's out on the Crocs though.


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