Timothy West Opens Up About Wife Prunella Scales' Alzheimer's During Piers Morgan ‘Life Stories' Interview

Timothy West Reveals Heart-Breaking Extent Of Wife Prunella Scales' Alzheimer's

Piers Morgan has discussed what is sure to be one of his most emotional ‘Life Stories’ interviews yet, detailing the heartbreak of actor Timothy West, whose wife Prunella Scales suffers from a mild form of Alzheimer's Disease.

The former ‘EastEnders’ star’s interview will air on ITV next month, and Piers has praised Timothy for being “utterly selfless and fantastic” as his wife’s primary carer.

The veteran actors have performed on the stage and screen for decades

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Piers explains that Prunella - who is famous for her role in ‘Fawlty Towers - was present during filming, however when he spoke to her moments after, she had no recollection of her husband’s emotional interview.

“Afterwards I said, ‘Did you enjoy the show?’ and she had no memory of being in the show. It’s heart-breaking and he got very emotional about it.

“It was no more powerful an illustration of how awful a disease Alzheimer’s is than for me to talk to someone just after she had watched her husband being interviewed for two hours and she can’t even remember being in the studio. It was an extraordinary moment.”

Timothy and Prunella in their wedding day

The couple married in 1963 and have two sons together, but heartbreakingly, Prunella’s long-term memory has also suffered.

The emotional interview will be screened next month

Timothy first discussed his wife’s condition in 2014, ahead of their More4 series 'Great Canal Journeys', which saw them navigate Britain's canals on a narrowboat.

“She can’t remember things very well, but you don’t have to remember things on the canal,” he explained. “You can just enjoy things as they happen — so it’s perfect for her.”

Other interviewees in the upcoming episodes of ‘Life Stories’ include Mo Farrah and Lionel Richie.

The series returns on Friday 4 September.


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