Carol Vorderman Reveals She's Covered In Bruises, Following A Naked Fall From A Treadmill

Some celebrities tuck themselves away between jobs and never come out to play either with waiting journalists or in front of them. Spoilsports, we call these.

And then there are those who not only trip themselves up, but willingly share the joke with fans, Twitter followers and the national press while they're about.

Maths whizzkid, pilot, presenter and all-round good egg Carol Vorderman has proved she is firmly in the latter category with tales of her latest mishap, which she freely shared on Twitter with a friend, and her 26,000 followers.

In a nutshell, she fell off a treadmill naked and is now covered in bruises. Feel free to write the headline to this story yourself.

The presenter says of the mishap, "Don't ask", but we can't resist. We're asking. Carol, what HAPPENED?? WHY?? And... ARE THERE PICTURES??

Carol Vorderman just gave us a reason to love her even more...

What have we learned from this unfortunate escapade? Well, we knew Carol, a double Rear of the Year winner and longtime advocate of healthy living, to be a keen fitness enthusiast, we just didn't realise this extended to not being able to wait until she'd bunged on at least a leotard for her daily workout.

What else? Well, that sometimes the stories just write themselves. Carol, as always, we doff our caps, and gently remind you to wear a bit more when you're flying your aeroplane.

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Carol Vorderman