'EastEnders' Spoiler: Is Kathy Beale's Husband Sharon Mitchell's Dad?


The Lucy Beale murder case may well be solved (well, as far as ‘Eastenders’viewers are concerned, at least), but fans of the soap are now playing detective on a new mystery.

The current puzzle-du-jour is the identity of Sharon Mitchell’s birth father, and we reckon fans might have just cracked the case.

Sharon's been searching for her real dad for months

Eagle-eyed viewers (with brilliant memories) will know that when Sharon nearly met her dad earlier this year, she was given a stack of letters that revealed his name was Gavin.

Fast-forward to now, and Kathy Beale is back on the scene, with her new husband… who is called Gavin. Coincidence? We think not.

Is Paul Nicholas's character Sharon's father?

In the coming weeks, viewers will see police arrive at Kathy’s house, where she’s arrested, presumably for faking her own death all those years ago.

Kathy's arrest pics have got fans talking

When spoiler pictures of the arrest were revealed on Tuesday, Metro noticed that the street Gillian Taylforth’s character lives on looks remarkably similar to the one Sharon visited in Notting Hill earlier this year.

If Gavin is Sharon’s dad, then the Mitchell-Beale family tree will get even more tangled, and mean Kathy is Sharon’s step-mum, as well her husband’s ex. Weird.

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