‘Star Trek' Star Zachary Quinto Delivers Seriously Touching Tribute To Mr Spock Actor Leonard Nimoy In New Video

Star Trek’ star Zachary Quinto has paid tribute to the late Mr Spock actor Leonard Nimoy, in a touching new video.

Now his successor has honoured him in a new video as part of the Omaze charity campaign, which aims to raise funds for a children's research hospital in the US.

In the clip, Zachary says: "It was an honour and a privilege to know him and to call him a friend.

"Leonard's love for the human spirit shone through every thing he did. He touched lives around the world, and he is greatly missed."

The video follows a poignant photo tweeted by astronaut Terry Virts earlier this year, who paid his respects from the International Space Station.

The stunning shot sees the astronaut displaying the Vulcan salute - one of the trademarks of Nimoy's Star Trek character, Mr Spock - with Earth in the background.

Watch the ‘Star Trek’ cast’s video tribute to Leonard Nimoy above.

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