Student Casually Stumbles Across One Of The Oldest Jurassic Fossils Ever Discovered

When Sam Davies, of Bridgend accidentally stumbled across the fossil of a dinosaur foot, the last thing he was expecting was to have found the last piece of an incredible puzzle.

The theropod is a distant cousin of the t-rex.

The foot wasn't just any old foot, it belonged to a theropod, a distant cousin of the iconic T-Rex and the first known meat-eating Jurassic dinosaur.

Considered to be one of the oldest finds in the world, the rest of the theropod was actually discovered in 2014 and has since gone on display as the main attraction in the National Museum Wales in Cardiff.

Davies is surprisingly modest about his find saying, "It was pure luck that I found it. It was just sitting on top of a slab of rock,"

Well find it he did, and then send it to his tutor Dr David Martill who was able to confirm the significance of the find.

"This was a chance-in-a-million find and highlights how important it is to encourage fossil hunting in this country."

Speaking to the BBC, Dr Caroline Buttler, head of palaeontology at the museum, said: "The dinosaur found by Nick and Rob Hanigan is the first skeleton of a theropod found in Wales."

"Sam's find adds to its significance because we can learn more about the animal and how it is related to the dinosaurs that eventually evolved into birds."