Kissing Coffee Lid Developed By Korean Designer Jang Woo Seok

This Terrifying Coffee Lid Actually Exists, And It Probably Feels Really Weird
Jang WooSeok

A Korean designer with a deep-seated love of coffee and kisses has found a rather bizarre way to merge the two, by producing a disposable coffee lid in the shape of a human face.

The plastic topper features a realistic protruding nose and mouth, with a hole for the coffee in the middle of the lower lip.

"I love both coffee and kisses. I always have coffee a day, but not a kiss. So I began to sketch the idea at the cafe," designer Jang Woo Seok said.

Not terrifying at all.

We can just imagine the conversation in Starbucks:

Barista: "Would you like a lid with that?"

Jang: "No thanks, I brought my own."

Barista: "You're weird."

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