'W*nker's Country Store' Is A Real Coffee Shop With A Really Strange Name

Wanker's Country Store/Twitter

Before you read on, this is a strong language warning. Because you can't say the name of this shop without saying Wankers.

Is your local coffee shop run by Wankers? This one is!

A small café in Wilsonville, Oregon, is making waves on social media after people in the UK noticed their peculiar name. Not only does Wanker's Country Store serve coffee and snacks, it also contains Wanker's Wine Cave and is situated on beautiful Wanker's Corner in downtown Wilsonville.

Obviously, everyone in the UK is finding this all very funny.

There's even Wanker's apparel.

And a hearty Wanker's breakfast.

And hashtags. So many Wanker's hashtags.

Be right back, just booking a flight to Oregon.

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