‘EastEnders' Barmaid Tracey FINALLY Has A Storyline: Here's What Should Happen Next...

'EastEnders' FINALLY Tracey Has A Storyline! But What Next?

‘EastEnders’ barmaid Tracey has been (literally) lurking in the soap’s background scenes for 30 years, but now, she’s finally about to play a huge role in one of the biggest plots since, well, ever.

Kathy Beale’s much-hyped return has been playing out for months, and in the coming weeks, viewers will see Gillian Taylforth’s character finally make her presence known to the whole Square. This is where Tracey comes in.

Jane Slaughter has played Tracey for 30 years

The usually silent barmaid will get a blast from the past when she answers the phone at The Vic, and hears her ol’ pal Kathy’s voice, which is obviously a shock given that Kathy ‘died’ in 2006.

Tracey, unaware that Phil has been helping his ex, then reveals the news to Mick Carter, who then has to deal with the double shock of learning that Tracey actually has a voice box, and Ian Beale’s mum is still alive.

We reckon this should be just the beginning for Trace, and just in case the ‘EastEnders’ team need a hand, we’ve come up with some potential storylines for actress Jane to get her teeth into…

1. Con the Carters and take her rightful place as the Queen Vic’s Landlady

We love Linda and Mick as much as the next person, but let’s be honest, the pub couldn’t function without Tracey. She’s served more pints and ploughman's than the whole Carter family put together and perhaps having her name above the door would make Tracey come out of her shell.

2. Bedding Phil Mitchell

Tracey and Phil have known each other for years, and helping Kathy could finally make them realise their feelings for each other. Obviously, there would be serious ramifications…

3. A HUGE Cat Fight With Sharon

Sharon would not take too kindly to Tracey stealing her man, which would give the barmaid a chance to join the ‘EastEnders’ catfight hall of fame. She’s witnessed more than a few bar brawls in her time, but could Tracey take on Sharon? We’re not so sure.

4. Team up with Kim for a night out in the West End

Another ‘EastEnders’ rite of passage is a “big night out West”. It takes a special occasion for the ladies of E20 to pile into a cab and make their way to Leicester Square for a Woo Woos, but if Tracey breaking her silence isn’t cause for a big night out, then we don’t know what is.

5. It’s revealed she’s Bobby Beale’s real mother

It’s rare for an ‘EastEnders’ character to have a family tree that isn’t rather complicated, so if Tracey is to hang on to her lead role, she’ll definitely need a secret child - and who could be better than the murderous Bobby Beale?

6. Settle down with Winston from the market

After surviving so long in Walford, Tracey should settle down with someone who knows exactly how she feels... aka. Winston from the market, who would then get some lines of his own too.

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