Katie Hopkins Reveals New Tattoo On TLC Series, 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World' (PICS)

Katie Hopkins Gets Her First Tattoo, And It's Very Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has never been shy when it comes to voicing her opinion about… well… anything at all, actually - but one of her particular bugbears has always been tattoos.


On several occasions, such as a ‘This Morning’ debate with ‘X Factor’ singer Katie Waissel, the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ runner-up has publicly admitted her disgust at body art, and said she would never hire anyone with a tattoo.

During an appearance on Irish TV this year, Katie told a tattoo artist: “As an outsider, not many people think that looks good. And I would worry as an employer, not many people would want to employ you because of how you made your body look.

“How on Earth are you going to get yourself back to normal?”

She's only gone and got a tattoo

That’s why we were surprised to see that Katie recently went under the needle herself, as part of her new TLC show, ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World’.

In this week’s episode, Katie debates the pros and cons of having a tattoo, and admits that to properly explore the argument, she should get one for herself, as suggested by her guest Kerry Katona.

So what did Katie go for in the end? A tribal pattern at the base of her spine? ‘Love’ and ‘hate’ on her knuckles? A full floral display on her posterior, à la Cheryl Fernandez-Versini?

Well, no. In fact, Katie’s new body art reads simply ‘Don’t Get A Tattoo’.


Having now got a tattoo of her very own, though, Katie is unrelenting in her attitude towards body art, insisting that if one of her children were to come home covered in tattoos “they wouldn’t be coming in my house”.

So what she's saying is, tattoos as self-expression are totally wrong. But tattoos as a publicity stunt for your panel show are a whole other story...

‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World’ airs on Thursday night (3 September), at 10pm on TLC.

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