New 'Companion' Safety App Gives Everyone A Friend Who Will Virtually Make Sure they Never Walk Alone

Walking Home After A Night Out Just Got A LOT Safer

"Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone."

Chanted by Liverpool fans around the UK these words have also become the fitting tag line of an amazing new app called Companion.

companion app

And that is because it literally gives everyone a friend or 'companion' to ensure that nobody makes a journey on their own.

It is essentially a safety device, created by five students from the University of Michigan who were worried about their colleagues' walking to and from campus.

Available on iOS and Android, the app is relatively easy to use. Once you've entered your destination you then have the option to invite your friends or family members to virtually accompany you home.


Conveniently, they don't need to have the app.

'Companion' keeps a close eye on you by monitoring even the little things such as a trip, a fall or your headphones being pulled out.

Using a 'Smart Trigger' it then gives you 15 seconds to respond. If you don't tell the app you're ok, it sends out a loud alarm, notifying your virtual companion who have the option to tell the police.

companion app

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